“Outsourcing” is strategic approach in business which provides easy and fast access to specialists and specific services and at the same time enables business to focus on its main work and activity. During the last few years this approach has gained stronger influence on companies and their work. A significant contribution for this has the „outsourcing“ in IT services and specialists. The innovativeness of the model makes it more and more popular for the Bulgarian business, which leads to an increase in demand and supply.
What exactly does “Outsourcing” mean and why is it good for business? – When a company needs services or experts who are not related to the company’s main activity or support main business processes, the most appropriate approach is to look for an outsource company or expert who is able to perform and implement the service in the first company. This way the company is able to focus on improving services and products which refer to its activities and are its main profit. IT services are some of the most preferred outsourcing services.
New Generation Software Solution has been working hard on improving and promoting the “outsourcing” model for many years not only in enterprise companies but in small and middle level companies, too. Our practical experience with a wide range of businesses allows us to gain a clear and distinct idea for methods and tools which we can use for promoting and improving processes and end results. Our company has worked with many clients as well as with other IT companies which have the need of well working teams consisting of experts who can deal with overall projects, as well as specific parts of projects and services of our clients. Our experts are excellently prepared to be able to enter and understand a project with its specific needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.
New Generation Software Solution believes that each company has to manage only the main activity in which the company is best and most financially efficient. Meanwhile the companies should provide the rest of the business with all support services and activities. This will lead the business to a new more efficient level of development which on the whole will provide maximum productivity and cost efficiency.
Innovative activities and approaches in business (for instance, related with the IT field) have limitless potential to optimize all fields and business models. That is why New Generation Software Solution develops this process and one of our main goals is to provide maximum efficiency and quality for our clients and partners..

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