Meet our projects created by our professional team!

All the project listed below were designed according to clients’ needs but with our wild ideas!

ERP & CRM solutions

Systems for managing and optimizing business and manufacturing processes in wide range of fields and companies.

IoT sensors and sensor networks

Design and implementation of complete urban and suburban solutions. Including hardware, transmission environment, software and overall solution architecture. Based on our solutions and knowledge and extended to the specific needs of our customers.

Healthcare related projects

We actively works for development of specialized software for management of processes in hospitals or other healthcare institutions. Under development is a database with information and scientific materials related to newest findings and solutions in fighting cancer.

Education management system

We have been developing systems that manages the major entities of a university system such as Students, Faculties, Administrative Staff, Disciplines, Lectures, Programs, Governing Body, etc.

Smart reception and training management system

The system automates the process of invitations and visitors, occupational instructions and process of training. Automated business processes and methods, as well as the analytical functions of the system, control and manage the methodology of data and people processing.

Management of legal processes

We have developed a system for management and reporting of specific processes in litigation process and execution process. The system is web-based and maintains a database for references related to legislation and court practices.

We design all in one business and software solutions for the complex needs of clients.