Innovations are exceptionally modern as well as a key factor for reaching global success. Innovative development in the contemporary dynamic conditions acquires a wider meaning which covers all fields in business and corporate management. Only in the way of entrepreneurial management with clearly expressed innovative direction in each field of management and business, of each hierarchical level in the organization, balance in economic development and financial stability of the business can be achieved. One of the fundamental and may be most important part of each successful business is well trained and prepared specialists. All of us as specialists face problems when we look for qualified professionals. Still, the growing need of specialists opens a new world of problems. Unfortunately, there are no clearly defined and explained principles and methods of action which can be useful in dealing with these problems. And here comes the innovative way of thinking and acting which underlies in the most optimal solutions and helps in overcoming difficult problems. In recent years, for us as a company there has been the issue of implementation of innovative information software systems in education and whether they will lead to positive results or completely the opposite. Our work , as well as numerous queries by our clients, inspired New Generation Software Solution to conduct a number of studies and research on the problem, and also to be able to focus on designing and implementing innovative software solutions allowing the optimization of the education process and methodology. This can be done with the help of intelligent software solutions that will follow each step of the education process and the audience, and will allow the users (the teachers) to get a complete and clear picture of the entire educational model. In order to reach maximum efficiency and optimization, New Generation Software Solution’s team has devoted over 6 months to examining and getting acquainted with the problematic aspects and key issues. Based on the carried out surveys and analyses, we have started working on creating an innovative approach for the institutions supported by intelligent software solutions. New Generation Software Solutions designed, developed and implemented in real schools software solutions which can optimize the whole education process as well as the integration of parents, students, and teachers into a unified education process (model). This innovative approach has shown very good results increasing students’ interests in the education process with more than 34%, as well as optimizing educational models by over 28%. Results fully met our expectations and our newly discovered educational model was accepted by our partners not only in the system of education but also in big companies, such as trading agency, and many others.

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