The topic „IT innovation in Business“ describes the quickly developing symbiosis between information technologies and business, to be more precise it tells how one business optimizes another with the help of innovative solutions. In the decade we live in information technologies are the fundament of each and every business, business process or model, regardless of the fields, the size, and the ideas of the companies. Me and my colleagues have been working in the field of software technologies and business for more than ten years. We have had the pleasure to work on many different projects related to innovative software solutions in the business. From the point of view of a person who knows both – business and IT, I will gladly express my opinion of the mater. The goal of each company is to grow and reach higher peaks, and the ambition of the people involved in that process is the driving force of success. In most of the cases this requires time, a lot of effort and hard work. The good news is that in the last years the companies tend to implement more and more intelligent software systems which optimize our personal work and most of all our business processes. All this takes the business to a whole new unreached level of optimization. In the next issues, in which we will be together, I will do my best to present innovative solutions in business related to IT, as well as we will go together through business software solutions which me and my colleagues have created and which have proven to be very efficient. My main goal is to introduce you to the whole process from business analysis to the implementation of innovative software solutions in real working environment in the best and most understandable way possible.

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