Cyber Security

Cyber Security, We offer a professional wide range of services and tools for the protection and saving of data as well as providing a sustainable IT environment

Security Assessment Services

Penetration Testing

Conducting in-depth analytics tests to identify and investigate weaknesses in software and hardware infrastructure of companies. Carry out controlled simulated attacks by experts and analyze the information received. Based on the reports, concepts, methodologies and tools for preventative protection and correction of system and staff weaknesses are designed and implemented.

Application Security Testing

Conducting security tests on WEB software systems and applications. Analyze and verify the security and performance of software systems. The primary purpose behind web application security testing is to identify any vulnerabilities or threats that could compromise the security or integrity of the web application.

Cloud Security Due Diligence

Cloud security is the protection of data stored online from theft, leakage and erasure. The provision and implementation of information security processes and methods will ensure that consistency is maintained when attempting to steal or attack cloud infrastructure and databases.

Data breach Analysis

Conducting in-depth analyzes of data vulnerabilities in governmental and non-governmental organizations and companies. Use of high-tech tools and approaches to address weaknesses and vulnerabilities, as well as monitor data integrity. Testing vulnerabilities and data integrity through constantly updating scenarios.

Vulnerability Management

The service includes the processing and management of information related to security vulnerabilities in hardware and software components. Analyze and identify problems, consequences and potential losses. Development and implementation of strategies and methodologies for preventive management of problems.

Security incidents management

Analysis, management and control of systems security incidents as well as system crashes. Design and implementation of preventive protection measures, implementation of tools and methods for rapid recovery of systems after incidents or incidents, information processing and vulnerability analysis.

Behaviour management

Information Security Training

The trainings are designed and implemented using a method that ensures that your organization is protected from the mistakes of employees allowing the entry of malware or viruses, as well as the opening of direct communication channels. Our experts are in the habit of enhancing the training of employees to initiate malicious actions.

Social Engineering Services

Much of the hacking and data breach is not targeted at company systems. Attacks target company employees because employees are often a weak security unit. We will provide analysis and implementation of methods and training to address employee problems.

Custom strategy

Design and implementation of personal security strategies according to the requirements of the specific client and the desired end results. Preparation of personal methodologies for staff action and training.