The vast diversity of fields in which we have performed software applications enables us to develop and implement successfully all kind of software by order of customers, as per the client’s needs. We can develop at the initial stage of the project and lay ground for more reliability, awareness of possible draw backs or implementation of non-standard solutions. We have specialists in various specific fields which makes software engineering more effective and enhances the functionalities of projects. Used modern technologies enable development of secure and reliable applications. we have developed systems in various fields of application, such as:

Cyber security

We work intensely to ensure maximum levels of security for our customers using a variety of techniques and methodologies: Penetration Testing, Application Security Testing, Data breach simulation, Risk management and risk analysis.

Server-side Technologies

Our team leverages wide kind of technologies as Microsoft .NET / .NET Core, JAVA, Python, Apache flink, Spring, and others to build robust and highly scalable solutions

Database/NoSQL Technologies

We have experience with design and development of different Relational database and NoSQL solutions based on the following - Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Client-side Technologies

Our expertise with JavaScript including various JavaScript libraries, Angular, React, Spring, HTML5, CSS and others help us build responsive web applications that provide the great user experience.

Database Management Services

High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions to ensure Business Continuity, Emergency DBA Support, Remote DBA Services, SQL Server Health Checks, Performance Tuning

BI & Reporting

BI & Datawarehouse - creation of datawarehouse and BI solutions from scratch, Performance tuning and optimization of existing BI systems, Creation of complex ETL processes, Reporting and Data visualization – creation of reports, dashboards from any data source


Analysis and research on business models


Computer/Technical Knowledge