We have developed a system for management and reporting of specific processes in litigation process and execution process. The system is web-based and maintains a database for references related to legislation and court practices.

Our company has developed and is now marketing a web-based system for management of delinquent (NPL) exposures. The system has specialized reporting tools for the management of the process and assessment of performance as per adopted criteria.

NGSS actively works for development of specialized software for management of processes in hospitals or other healthcare institutions. Under development is a database with information and scientific materials related to newest findings and solutions in fighting cancer.

NGSS has developed a system that manages the major entities of a university system such as Students, Faculties, Administrative Staff, Disciplines, Lectures, Programs, Governing Body, etc. UMS is a comprehensive and integrated software solution for improved organizational performance which provides management of entire academic environment.


NGSS has developed a system that automates the process of occupational safety instruction as well as generation of different instruction books and reports on events, people, companies and other important information. The system stores sensitive data in special manner in order to guarantee the security of personal information. AIS also integrates with different access control systems which ensures automation of all processes connected with visitor cards creation

In addition to the above projects, NGSS has developed different Insurance Applications, Access Control Systems, CMS Systems, web and mobile applications, APIs, Services, etc.