The efficient business analysis is essential for each business and organization which have ambition and wish to achieve maximum results as well as be competitive in the time of innovation we live in. New Generation Software Solution as a company working on developing business processes and models, relying on approach of investing time and money to prepare detailed business analysis above everything else. Based on this we implement products and services completely answering and even exceeding clients’ expectation. Standing on detailed business analysis, made by our specialists on the Bulgarian market of information technologies, we realize that in legal and juridical fields there is a big “abyss”. This guides our team to “deep” understanding and detailed analysis on software’s activities which support the legal and the juridical sector of the business. For half a year we have been analyzing business processes and models, conducted many legal consultations and at the end we reached to the solution on the case. Our company invested in design, development and implementation of innovative software product (system) covering the business’s needs. Because of the idea behind this software we called it LAWSYS. The business models and processes are entirely conformed with Bulgarian legislation and statutory regulations. The system’s goals are efficient management of legal cases, processes and help to solving complicated legal issues. The main technology is WEB-based which helps users to use the system through smartphones and all kinds of computers and laptops. The main goal of the system is optimization of legal departments and due to the fact there are some of the most essential people for efficient work of each company as well as for the company’s financial stability. The system helps companies to deal with pecuniary loss caused by legal issues and omissions. The system allows following all cases and the entire work of legal departments by companies’ managers without the need of special legal knowledge. It helps system’s users to control the whole information by a maximum efficient and optimized way. Thanks to this the lawyers receive a competent assistant. The system was accepted very well on the Bulgarian market. For only a year banking and credit institutions, public companies, legal and law firms, etc. joined us, which proves that our job is well done. The results inspired our team and motivated us to continue to develop the system and to solve complicated cases. For only a year we managed to optimize and systematize the work of many lawyers and institutions. We computerized and streamlined complex business models in the most simple and effective way to use. We reached a new level of work so that many lawyers are able to work on one process or case in the same time. We also managed to implement the innovative idea of approaching legal business models to a level understandable by the clients themselves. We know that innovative approach and decisions as well as company abilities to adapt to an active and quickly developing market of services and products with the help of software technologies is essential to business’ development and increased profits.

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The article is prepared and written by NGSS